File sharing is a vital part of the daily workflow for many digital creatives and marketing agencies. It helps facilitate collaboration between team members, clients and external partners. But not all file transfer tools are equal. Some have issues that are frustrating for business users, such as limited file size limits or fast link expiration times. Thankfully, there are plenty of competitors to WeTransfer that offer much better experiences for larger files.

Smash is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives to help you move large files quickly and easily. It offers a free tier that lets you transfer 2GB worth of data and a paid premium tier that raises this limit to 20GB. It also allows you to customize file links, secure transfers with passwords and set the availability period for shared files.

pCloud is another popular WeTransfer alternative with some impressive features to match its high reputation. Its cloud storage and sharing platform is a great choice for businesses, but it also has a number of other options that make it an attractive WeTransfer replacement. For example, pCloud offers password protection for file transfers, a feature that WeTransfer doesn’t offer to free tier users. This makes it a more secure option for large files.

Another nice option is Send-Anywhere, a WeTransfer competitor that specializes in direct transfers between individual accounts. This service has no transfer limit and is incredibly easy to use. It’s important to note, however, that this service only retains uploaded files on its servers for 48 hours. This is a lot shorter than most competitors and far short of the industry standard of 7 days.

TransferNow is another solid WeTransfer alternative that has a clean and simple upload-select-send workflow, but its free tier only tops out at 5GB of transfer data. This is going to be a problem for many users who work with larger files, including 4K video and RAW image files. TransferNow does not offer encryption in the free tier, which is another major drawback for some users.

MediaFire is a free online file hosting service that offers a decent range of features to its users, including file uploads, downloads and storage. Its interface is easy to navigate and its available for desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, so you can use it from any location with an internet connection. Its drawbacks include the fact that it’s ad-supported, which can lead to a less streamlined experience. It also doesn’t offer extensive file versioning capabilities.

Degoo is a free file transfer service that offers a good selection of features and a user-friendly interface. It supports multiple file formats and has a mobile app, making it easier to transfer files on the go. It’s also secure and doesn’t require a sign-up to use.

WeTransfer is the head honcho of the file transfer world, with over 40 million monthly users across the globe. Its strengths include its fast transfer speeds and its ability to share files without requiring an account, but there are better alternatives out there if you’re looking for a tool that can handle large files more effectively.

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