Located less than one hour from Melbourne’s CBD, the Yarra Valley is home to large vineyards, adorable bed and breakfasts and plenty more. Whether you take a tour or drive yourself in a Hertz rental car from Melbourne Airport, you’re sure to enjoy the region’s stunning scenery and delicious cuisine.

The Yarra Valley is also a hub of fruit-growing and cider-making activity. Sample local flavors at Healesville’s restaurants, or take in the sights from above on a hot air balloon ride. The region’s many art galleries offer the chance to view the work of renowned regional artists, and you can visit Meletos Farmhouse for a truly unique wine tasting experience.

A rail link from the Yarra Valley to the city would be great for Melbourne, but it’s not something that the airport management are going to go out of their way to push for – they seem at best ambivalent, and at worst outright against it. The money that could have gone towards the project is being spent on other projects that benefit more than just the airport and its occupants.

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