Whether you need to cool a drink fountain, reverse osmosis system or filtered water dispenser this under bench chiller will ensure your drinks are fresh and ice cold. It also makes an ideal addition to a kitchenette, or even a small office break room.

These systems are simple to install and conveniently fit underneath your sink and beneath a cabinet countertop. They hook up to your existing dispenser water faucet and deliver chilled filtered drinking water, or both insta-hot and chilled filtered water as needed. This unit is made with all stainless steel contact surfaces which helps preserve the purity of your reverse osmosis or filtration system.

The operation of a chiller system depends on several factors including the temperature, pressure and flow rate of the water it is cooling. Generally speaking the higher the temperature of the fluid, the lower the chiller capacity required. When sizing a chiller for your application it is important to know the cooling power you need and avoid overbuilding the system as this will increase the cost of purchase and operating the equipment.

In order to calculate your cooling power we recommend you provide the temperature of the incoming water (Tin) and the temperature of the water being cooled (Tout). This information will enable us to determine the correct size chiller for your specific requirements. A good rule of thumb is to always size up in cooling capacity compared to your actual requirement, this will help you avoid overbuilding the chiller system which will cause excessive wear and premature failure. under bench water chiller

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