Saving the earth is not just the responsibility of one person. It’s the obligation of all of us who live and have lived on it and contributed to its destruction. While it would be ideal to be simply passing by and moving on, the reality is that our choices-from cosmetic to dietary, from fashion to utilities-have an impact on the environment. If we want to leave it in a better condition for our children and grandchildren to enjoy, we should strive to live a no-impact lifestyle.

As marketers, we wield more or less some influence on consumers. Why not use this same power to encourage them to help save the Earth? Here are some things you can do as a promotional specialist to slow down the Earth’s destruction:

* Incorporate green giveaways in your promotions. Even though your marketing campaign may not be related to nature, choosing environment-friendly promotional items is a proactive way of helping save nature. Ask your account manager for promotional items that are recycled, made from recycled materials, or encourage reuse. Promotional tote bags are becoming more popular in trade shows and retail stores.

* Support an advocacy that helps save the earth. Are you looking into increasing your sales? Why not tie up with a local environmental activist group for an eco-friendly endeavor? For example, you can contribute a portion of the sales of a specific item to a project that aims to promote reforestation. Donors are more inclined to give, and buyers tend to purchase more if they know that what leaves their hands benefits a good noble cause.

* Encourage an environment-friendly consciousness among employees and investors. Saving the environment is not just about planting trees, rejecting plastic bags, or choosing eco-friendly items. It is an entire lifestyle and a choice in itself. Make it a point to educate your employees about the why’s and how’s of their choices and their impact on the environment. It is not simply about choosing to go with what is fashionable. The choice should be supported by the right reasons, so it is essential that the reasons behind be understood. objet publicitaire

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