A Steuerberater is a German certified tax advisor. According to German law, the provision of tax advisory services is only permitted for qualified professionals such as Rechtsanwalte (attorneys-at-law) and Wirtschaftsprufer (certified public accountants).

To become a Steuerberater, you must pass the nationwide state examination known as “Steuerberaterprufung” or the equivalent in your home country. Depending on your educational background, you may also need to complete a special training program.

The Stenter machine consists of two endless auto-lubricated driven chains, typically 40 to 60 m in length carrying pins or clips to hold the fabric edges while passing through a number of hot-air chambers (3-5). In order to set and smooth a fabric’s shape and width, the stenter also has an overfeed facility.

Generally speaking, a stenter can be used to dry heavyweight furnishing fabrics and light dress-goods. In Denmark, stenbiderrogn is commonly served in late winter and early spring, usually on special occasions. It’s a great appetizer that is high in protein and low in fat. You can find it in many restaurants throughout the Nordic countries.

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