Family mediation is a voluntary process where the participants have control over the outcome. It is a less expensive and faster option to litigation than taking your case to court and is also less stressful for children. Your mediator will help you resolve the issues that need resolving and work with both of you to find a workable solution. In most cases, you will attend a series of joint meetings with the other party (or you may choose to have sessions individually or online, depending on how hostile your relationship is).

It’s important to understand that you won’t always reach an agreement in mediation and some issues might require legal advice from a lawyer. If you have any questions or concerns, your mediator will answer them and explain your options in more detail.

Possible solutions may include not only the legal aspects of your dispute but also extra-legal matters like financial and parenting plans. These may include compromises and tradeoffs, and are designed to meet the needs of your family as well as the law.

If you are able to come up with proposals that work for your family, the mediator will record them for you to turn into a legally binding agreement after seeking independent legal advice. Often, agreements made in mediation are more likely to be complied with because they were co-created by you and the other party. If you are not able to come up with proposals that work, your mediator will talk about other options for moving forward which may include a trial or continuing negotiations through other means, arbitration and court proceedings. family mediation

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