What to Consider When Hiring a Chicago Based Brand Design Firm
A well-designed branding strategy helps companies build customer loyalty, stand out from the competition and increase sales. The best branding agencies have the knowledge, experience and skills to create unique, innovative and creative brands that engage with customers. They can also help with strategic communication, content development and marketing campaigns. A branding agency that has worked with clients in your industry can better understand how to deliver your message and create a memorable experience.

Founded in 1990, Monogram Group is a branding company that specializes in repositioning brands for business performance. They work with mid-market B2B and B2C companies in the financial services, manufacturing, and education industries. Their team of 17 has expertise in market research, brand invention, and advertising.

Mystique Brand Communications is a small branding agency located in Toronto, Canada. They have a team of 14 that provides branding, digital strategy, and website design. Daake is a national design agency that is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has a team of 14 that provides branding and logos.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Otherwise Incorporated has been offering brand strategy, rebranding, and identity designs since 1992. Their integrated approach to branding includes visual identity design, name development, brand guidelines, print and digital ad campaigns, and design of information architecture, presentation templates, signage and environmental graphics. Other services offered by the company include PPC advertising and conversion optimization. Chicago based brand design firm

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