A moonstone ring is a beautiful, ethereal piece of jewelry. Many people believe that this gem has a supernatural, calming energy that can help you stay grounded during stressful times. It is also thought to encourage a more optimistic outlook on life, and help you move forward into new chapters of your life.

The best place to shop for a moonstone ring is with a custom jeweler. They can work with you to create the perfect ring that fits your style and budget. They can also engrave your ring to make it more sentimental and personalized. In addition to this, custom jewelers can provide their clients with ethically sourced gemstones. This is important if you want to ensure that the ring you buy has been mined in an environmentally conscious way.

Choosing the right type of stone for your ring is also important. While moonstone is one of the more popular choices, there are many other options as well. For example, you could choose a blue topaz ring or an amethyst ring. These rings will each have their own unique properties and qualities that will make them stand out from the rest. You should also consider whether you want to include any other gemstones in your ring design. These stones can add a touch of color or sparkle to your ring, and they can also enhance the color of the moonstone you choose.

Another factor to consider is the durability of your moonstone ring. While moonstone is fairly durable, it is not as strong as a diamond. On the Mohs scale, a moonstone only ranks 6-6.5, so it is not as resistant to scratches as a diamond. This means that you will need to take extra care of your ring so that it does not get damaged. You should also remove it before engaging in activities where it might come into contact with abrasives, such as cleaning, exercising, or taking a shower.

If you decide to get a moonstone ring, it’s essential to find a jeweler who can handle the delicate material and craft your ring in the right way. They should be able to set the moonstone securely and give it a clean, polished look. Additionally, they should be able to handle any repairs or maintenance that might be necessary.

In addition to being a great choice for everyday wear, moonstone is also a popular option for engagement rings. This is because it is a romantic, feminine stone that can reflect the wearer’s personality and values. Unlike more traditional diamond engagement rings, the beauty of a moonstone ring is timeless and classic.

Before you make a purchase, ask yourself what kind of person you are. Do you have a more traditional taste in jewelry, or do you enjoy more bohemian styles? If you have a more modern, contemporary taste, a moonstone ring would be a good fit. Alternatively, you may prefer a more traditional ring, such as a diamond or sapphire ring.

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