Celebrities seem like they have it all – they’re rich, beautiful, and problem-free. But if you ask any celeb, they’ll tell you that’s not always the case. They need bodyguards to protect them from paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers, and ex-partners, just to name a few of the many threats they face. Celebrity bodyguards are trained to spot any potential danger or risk, and are ready to take action if needed. They also know when to keep their distance, avoiding situations where an attacker might be more likely to strike.

One celebrity protector who’s become famous in his own right is Julius De Boer, a top-notch bodyguard for Jay Z and Beyonce. He’s incredibly handsome, and he takes his job seriously. Professional celebrity bodyguards are highly adaptable, changing their tactics to suit their clients’ personalities and the environment they’re in. This might mean escorting the star into a restaurant in a discreet way, or it could be ensuring the client has a clear route out of a parking lot if their car is surrounded by paparazzi.

For example, sometimes steel barriers must be set up to corral paparazzi and fans, allowing the celebrity to go in or out of a building. This requires advance preparation, including familiarizing the protector with all the walking routes and knowing the locations of bathrooms and fire exits. It’s also important to note that a celebrity can be protected from unwanted attention by having plainclothes agents placed in position ahead of time who are able to watch everyone around them, and respond to any threat if necessary. Billie Jean enterprises

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