Achieving a high number of youtube views is the holy grail for most video creators. Views are the key to unlocking monetization, getting featured on YouTube’s homepage and trending search results, and earning an ad revenue share. However, many people have misconceptions about what counts as a view on youtube.

In reality, youtube doesn’t count every single view of your video. In fact, some of your views may not even appear on the video watch page at all. But you can get a better sense of how many views you have by navigating to the analytics tab. This tab gives you general information about your videos, as well as a more in-depth understanding of how viewers are finding and engaging with your content.

What Are the Minimum Views Required to Get Monetized?
Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube only counts a view if a viewer watches a video for 30 seconds or more. This is to prevent viewers from artificially inflating the view count of their videos with spam workarounds like reloading and refreshing their videos multiple times.

YouTube can also spot attempts to artificially inflate a video’s view count by analyzing IP addresses and checking if the same user is watching the video on multiple devices. Additionally, the platform will only count a maximum of four or five replays in 24 hours as a single view. Attempting to artificially inflate a video’s total views will result in the platform skipping the repeated viewings altogether.

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