Grip socks are worn to add extra traction and stability to shoes during sports or other physical activity. They are designed with grippy pads on the bottom which improve stability and reduce the risk of accidents such as falls or knee injuries.

They also help to prevent blisters as they are soft, breathable and allow air to circulate around the foot. They can be worn under a pair of traditional football or other sports socks. Often players will cut the foot off their team socks and put the grip sock on first, before taping together with cohesive or sock tape to ensure that the two are held together and the grip sock’s benefits can be fully maximised.

Slippage is a major risk factor in sport, not just for blisters but for knee ligament injury too. If your feet are slipping in and out of your boots it can cause you to move awkwardly in your shoes which puts strain on the ankle, knee and hip joint. This can be especially problematic when playing on wet ground or wearing new boots that aren’t worn in yet.

Adding an extra layer of traction and stability helps you to move better, feel more confident and react faster on the pitch. This can be crucial in sport such as football where quick reactions are key to success. Grip socks can be worn by any age or skill level of athlete to help them perform at their best and stay safe on the pitch. sports grip socks

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