Choosing the right British male voiceover for your project is a critical part of the production process. You want to ensure your audience is drawn in, connects with and believes the narration. Whether you’re crafting the narration for a documentary, an engaging eLearning video or a witty TV commercial, a premium voiceover is what will elevate your message to the next level.

It’s important to consider your audience’s location and age, as these will determine what tone is best suited for the voice over. For example, a cologne advertisement targeting middle-aged men will require an emotion-filled, persuasive tone that makes it clear how the product will impact their lives. On the other hand, a young audience will likely appreciate a more youthful, playful tone that uses slang and street language to convey the brand’s personality.

The type of voiceover that you require will also influence the kind of talent you need. For example, if your product is aimed at teenagers, you’ll need a British voice actor who can speak their language and deliver the content in an authentic way. This will ensure your teenage target market can relate to the advertisement and trust its messaging.

With a versatile modern British male baritone voice, Dennis is ready to bring your project to life with a range of believable and captivating vocal styles. He’s able to craft character voices as varied as a cheeky Finnish turbine blade, a brash and confident sports announcer, the evil General Zod from Superman’s home planet Krypton or the good-natured automated voice you hear on your company telephone answering system. british male voiceover

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