Whether you’re looking for an RV air conditioner or a 12V battery system, norcold cooling units has an option for you. We tested two of their RTX1000 and RTX2000 units, a pair of mini ACs that come from the trucking industry; essentially “parking coolers.”

They don’t fit into the standard 14″ x 14″ rooftop cutout that most RV air conditioners use, so these units require a roof opening of at least 15.5″ x 19″. However, they’re much more efficient than the conventional systems because the battery draws only 18A or 19A in their highest-efficiency mode.

The RTX1000 and RTX2000 don’t use a traditional compressor and condenser design, but rather a capillary mini rotary compressor. This is one of the most compact and powerful DC-powered cooling solutions we’ve seen, but it requires a huge battery bank to operate — about 180 Ah.

In terms of efficiency, they don’t quite match the top-of-the-line R410a coolers and heat pumps we’ve reviewed, but they do an excellent job of keeping your interior cool without the need for a generator or power outlet. The RTX1000’s 4,094 BTU capacity is only slightly below what many rooftop air conditioners can generate, but it’s more than enough to keep the interior from heating up too quickly in hot weather.

For full-time RVers, it’s a good idea to run the refrigerator and freezer on a timer so they always reach food-safe temperatures before you leave. This will prevent them from working too hard when you’re on the road. If you’re sporadically RVing, turn the power on to the fridge a few days before you’re ready to depart and let it slowly cool to a safe temperature.

Another way to make sure your RV’s fridge and freezer are operating at safe and consistent temps is to check the frost levels. If you see a lot of frost buildup, that’s usually an indication that the unit isn’t running at a high enough setting or that there may be a problem with the seal or refrigerant.

If your Dometic RV refrigerator isn’t working at all or the ammonia odor persists, it’s time to call in a professional to repair it. The most common causes of cooling unit failure include rusting out, leaking ammonia and running off-level.

To protect your RV from these problems, we recommend installing a Fridge Defend. This device monitors the boiler (generator) temperatures of your Norcold or Dometic cooling unit, and if they rise beyond normal or reach a certain level, it will shut off the power to the fridge and prevent damage to the cooling unit boiler.

A Fridge Defend can be installed in about an hour or less, and it’s only about $180. If you’re interested in adding it to your RV, click on the link below and contact us for more information.

Dometic remanufactured cooling units are the premier solution to your RV refrigeration needs. We provide the best value for your money because we sell complete remanufactured refrigerator cooling units that are made to last!

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