The refrigerator is one of the most important household equipment in your house. rv refrigerator repair That is why you should be careful in choosing the best refrigerator in your house. Just take a look for some tips that might perfectly help you before deciding the suitable refrigerator based on your need.

1. Prepare the place that is going to be the location of your new refrigerator. Consider the measurement of the location of the new refrigerator and the refrigerator it self. It might be really useful if you note the dimension of your old refrigerator, including measurement of the door and the stairs when you transport the new refrigerator into the room.

2. Choose the right refrigerator according to your needs. If you usually do shopping weekly, it means that you need a larger freezer to keep fish and meat. It is also important to choose the position of the refrigerator and the freezer. If you do not want to bend down to take something into your refrigerator, you should choose the new one which is specifically placed on the top.

3. There are three types of refrigerator you could consider. They are side by side (the freezer beside), two-door-top-mount (the freezer in the top and the most common), and two-door-bottom-mount (freezer in the bottom and still rare)

4. The new refrigerator you chose should have the best cooling system. You could indicate the best quality one by looking at the five stars labels in the right side of the refrigerator. Also, commonly the great refrigerator has a cooling power more than -210C.

5. Choose the refrigerator which has the special hole in the compartment for vegetables and fruits. If you fill the compartment with the fruits, you should close the hole, whether you should open the hole if the compartment is filled with vegetables. It is because vegetables need more air circulation.

6. Before you buy the new one, it must be better if you consider some features you need to your new refrigerator. Some features are the quick cool, water filtration system, cool and hot water dispenser, freezer volume, information panel in the door, and more. Also, you should choose the great feature like the air flow system.

7. In addition, choose the new refrigerator with rotary compressor. Because of the simple design, this refrigerator commonly has a larger vegetable compartment. Beside, the refrigerator completed with rotary compressor is usually closed perfectly and really protect the food inside.

8. Decide the capacity of the new refrigerator you would require. If you have a big family, you should choose the big one about 25 – 28 cubic. And the small one is about 18-22 cubic.

9. At last, consider the performance of the new refrigerator. If you like the exclusive and the elegant one, you could select the refrigerator which the body is made from PCM (Pre-Coated Material). Also, about the color of your new refrigerator, you should not choose the most common white color for the new one. There are so many color options like black, blue, pink, and more. You could fit the color of your refrigerator with your home/ kitchen decoration.

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