Raise the front end of the car,Guest Posting chock the rear wheels, remove the front wheels, rest the car on jack stands, and make sure the car is safe and secure before getting underneath at all, see the TOS Agreement for the legal disclaimer.


Once the car is securely raised on jack stands, shake the car a bit to make sure it’s secure.  Use a piece of wood to protect the lower control arm and jack it up slightly so that the lower bolt isn’t under tension.  Don’t raise it too far or else the car can lift off the jack stands!  This is not a safe condition since the car isn’t stable unless it’s weight is on the jack stands at the factory jack points!

Disconnect the sway bar link from the lower control arm (1x 16 or 17mm, yellow text).  Either the upper or lower bolt will work, you just want to loosen the sway bar.  Either way, you want to loosen the sway bar.  Ignore the white text, that’s for another writeup.


Remove the 13mm bolt at the top of the sway bar bushing bracket.  An offset wrench or universal joint with an extension works great.  As pictured above, the bracket has a hook at the bottom so I suggest prying it out to remove it.  The bushing is split so you can remove it without sliding it all the way off the end.


Clean the dirt off the sway bar bushing’s location and put a dab of silicone grease on the bar.  Caution: do not use lithium or moly grease since these are petroleum based and can degrade rubber bushings!  If you can’t find silicone grease then just install it dry.


Install the new bushing – note the rib down the middle of the bushing.  How it matches the bracket’s rib will show you which side of the bushing is up.


Since the bushing is new you may have to clamp the bracket down to get the bolt back in. Torque on the 13mm bolt is 18 ft-lbs.


To replace the sway bar endlinks, remove the other 16mm bolt and the sway bar is removed.  Installation is the reverse of removal.  Torque the sway bar endlink bolts to  11 ft-lbs.  Since this is very light and the bolts/holes may be rusty, clean the threads and then apply medium strength thread locker.  The twisting motion of the sway bar could loosen the bolts. #8 screw diameter

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