Semenax contains a variety of amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals that may boost testosterone levels and promote sperm health. These include horny goat weed, pine bark extract, maca root, pumpkin seeds, vitamin E, and L-carnitine. Some of these ingredients have been shown to improve libido and increase semen volume, while others provide sexual benefits such as improving blood flow to the penis. These ingredients are backed by clinical trials and other research. The product is manufactured by Leading Edge Health and can be ordered from their website.

The manufacturer claims that Semenax encourages glands in the reproductive system to produce more fluid and thereby increases semen volume. It is alleged that this leads to more powerful orgasms and a greater sensation of cum. The product is available in both a one-month and a 12-month supply and offers free shipping to the continental United States. It is backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee.

In a small unpublished study on the manufacturer’s website, Semenax was shown to increase orgasm intensity and produce more cum than a placebo. The manufacturer also cites other published research that shows the same. However, most of these studies use a different supplement or have a smaller sample size than the one-month supply used in this trial.

During the aging process, men’s bodies slow down their natural production of hormones that control the reproductive system and the quality of sperm. This is why men need more semen to sustain sexual activity and have children. Those who don’t have enough testosterone or sperm may struggle with low libido and have trouble getting orgasms. Semenax is an all-natural supplement that claims to boost testosterone and sperm count, while helping men feel more confident in the bedroom.

According to the product’s manufacturers, the formula is made from a combination of nutrients and plant extracts that can boost testosterone levels, heighten libido, and increase ejaculate volume. The main ingredient is sarsaparilla extract, which has been shown to have libido-boosting effects in humans. It has also been shown to raise ejaculate production in animals.

Another key component of Semenax is pollen extracted from specific health-giving flowers in Sweden. The pollen is loaded with phytochemicals that can increase sperm production and sexual function. It’s also been known to boost orgasm intensity and duration.

Zinc is another important nutrient in Semenax, which is known to help balance low testosterone levels and improve sperm health. It also helps the body absorb other essential nutrients and protects against oxidative stress and immune support. It’s crucial for the sexual function and for overall male health, especially in aging men. In fact, a zinc deficiency has been linked to ED and low orgasm intensity. It can be easily obtained through a healthy diet or by taking a multivitamin with added zinc. It’s also a good idea to get a medical exam before using any supplements. This includes Semenax, as some herbs can interact with certain medications.

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