Whether your New Year’s resolution is to burn fat or pack on superhero levels of muscle, hiring a personal trainer is an excellent way to get fitter. But not all London PTs are created equal, and it’s important to find the right match for you. The right person can help you achieve your goals faster, while also making the process more enjoyable and rewarding.

The best London Personal Trainers will consider your health issues and fitness objectives before setting up an exercise plan. This means they’ll take into account if you have arthritis, sciatica, back problems or osteoporosis and ensure that the exercises you do are safe for your body. They’ll also pay maximum attention to your progress while you train, giving you endless inspiration and motivation. They will also provide ongoing support via email and WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in London, make sure to check their credentials before booking a session. Typically, they should be level 3 qualified and insured as a minimum. However, many have extra qualifications and specialise in different areas of fitness and wellbeing, so be sure to choose one who suits your needs.

Some PTs have a more exclusive clientele, and their services are often pricier as a result. These include Matt Roberts, whose gym in Mayfair uses a combination of HIIT training and modern exercise science to get celebrities into shape as quickly as possible. He’s worked with a grocery list of stars, from Naomi Campell to Mel C and even former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Jermaine Johnson is another top PT in the capital, offering boxing and strength sessions in his Hackney-based studio and online. His good vibes and inspiring training technique have attracted a host of female clients, including Laura Mvula and Mabel. You can also spot him putting in some slick kettlebell workouts on the ‘gram.

Another great option is StrongHer, the first UK women-only strength training gym. Their coaches specialise in Olympic lifting, weight lifting and conditioning. They also offer a variety of classes, both in their central London gym and over Zoom. Clientele includes a mix of women, from those who are experienced athletes to people who have never exercised before.

Lastly, there’s Nike trainer Nesrine, founder of Health Hub London, who specialises in strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. She’s also a competitive Muay Thai athlete, and offers private and group sessions both at her gym in Muswell Hill and online. Her clients include a mix of athletes, marathon runners and new mums. She can also be found on Instagram. personal training london

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