Gwen is Peter Parker’s love interest and his longtime sidekick in The Amazing Spider-Man films. She’s also a prominent character in the new Spider-Verse. Her bright, fun, preppy look makes her a fan-favorite and a natural fit for Halloween cosplay.

When it came to designing her look, costume designer Robbi Rodriguez wanted Gwen to be a little more than just a red, purple and neon blue version of Spider-Man. She needed to stand out in her own right and be visually striking. This meant creating an outfit that featured stark contrasts and electric pops of color against an expanse of flat black and white.

As a result, the team at Marvel Comics settled on a design that was both modern and traditional at once. The suit features a hoodie, boots, gloves and mask. The hoodie has magenta and cyan webbing patterns on it and is connected to a white suit underneath. The mask is red with an upside down yellow triangle placed on her forehead.

The suit’s colors are reminiscent of the one worn by Jessica Drew, who was the original Spider-Woman. However, unlike the original suit, this one reveals her face and a hood that covers most of her neck. The shoes are red and the legs of her logo have been extended. She continued to wear this style of suit even after she bonded with the Venom Symbiote as Ghost-Spider.

This is an officially licensed Spider-Gwen costume. It includes a jumpsuit with removable hood and mask. This costume is available in adult sizes Small, X-Small, Medium and Large. Spider Gwen Costume

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