While it’s common for couples to experience jealousy in any relationship, open relationships may make those feelings more intense or difficult to manage. It’s important for partners to be honest and transparent about their needs and desires, establish rules or guidelines that make both people feel comfortable, and regularly check in to assess how the arrangement is working for them.

In addition, it’s important to set boundaries about how much of your outside relationships you are willing to share with one another. Some partners are happy to talk openly with friends and family about their decisions, while others prefer to keep it private. It’s also important to decide how much of your personal sex life you are comfortable sharing with your partner, and how often you will practice safe sex.

It’s also common for partners to have insecurities about whether their spouse or significant other will cheat on them. While cheating is always a risk, most couples who choose to be in open relationships are happy to report that they don’t feel cheated by their partners, and feel more than fulfilled by their relationship. It’s also important to remember that a marriage isn’t defined by sexual activity, and that you and your partner may decide at any point to end the open aspect of your relationship if it feels no longer serves you both. For additional support, many couples find it helpful to seek out a community of like-minded individuals, such as those who are involved in consensual non-monogamy. Navigating Emotional Challenges in an Open Marriage

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