Vintage rugs are more than just on trend: they’re a smart purchase for your home and the environment. Vintage rugs are often made from recycled materials and by purchasing one you’re lessening the impact on resources used to create a brand new rug and saving it from a landfill. This makes a vintage rug a responsible choice and also a great way to support traditional craftsmanship.

Vintage Persian, Turkish and other oriental rugs are not only unique but they’re often heirloom quality. A vintage rug could be overdyed, scuffed or worn in parts but this adds to the beauty and character of the piece. It’s also a sustainable practice to over-dye and recycle rugs that have become faded or unloved, extending their lifespan and honoring the skill it takes to weave them in the first place.

Aside from their longevity, vintage rugs are a beautiful addition to any space and often offer a more eclectic design than modern ones. They may feature bolder colors, experiment with shapes and motifs or even have a message that reflects the socio-cultural changes in their country of origin. Vintage rugs are a stylish choice to complement both classic and contemporary decor but they also speak to the future of interior design, echoing a new way of perceiving art, craftmanship and design.

As we know, weaving an antique rug requires a combination of three key things: hand-spun wool, natural dyes and a traditional rug loom. Wool was the most popular and durable material for weaving an antique rug but silk threads were also highly sought after due to their lustrous texture and sheen. In fact, there are still weavers today who are dedicated to this craft and weaving beautiful antique silk rugs.

If you’re looking for a vintage rug to add to your space, it can be tricky to know where to start. However, if you’re ready to dive in, here are some of our favorite vintage rug retailers to shop:

Sister Golden

Sister Golden is an online retailer with a great collection of vintage rugs in all sizes. From a skinny runner to an extra large square, they have options for every space and budget. Their curated vintage rug collection includes styles that are overdyed, naturally aged and distressed. All of their rugs are handmade so each is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The New England Loom

The owners of this online vintage rug shop are a super cute couple that’s always on the hunt for beautiful rugs. They’ve partnered with various sellers to offer a vast selection of sizes and styles. They’re known for their vintage Beni Ourain rugs and have been featured in a few of our favorite interior design blogs including Brady’s Bedroom Makeover where they used their neutral beige rug from the Ait Bou Ichaouen Tribe.

1stDibs has a huge selection of vintage and gently used rugs, with more than 62,000 to choose from. They’ve partnered with reputable sellers and offer price-match guarantees, buyer and fraud protection as well as insured global delivery. runner rugs

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