The Relx pod is a prefilled pod vape that’s simple to use. It’s only got two parts, a battery device and the pods, which attach to each other via magnetic connection that, in our view, could be slightly stronger. The pods themselves are easy to swap out once they’re empty too, a feature that makes the Relx an excellent choice for people who recently quit smoking and want a hassle-free backup.

The pods themselves come pre-filled with a mix of fruity, dessert-inspired and classic tobacco flavours for a full range of taste experiences. They also contain nic salts for a smooth throat hit and faster satisfaction of cravings. You can choose between a variety of nicotine strengths to find the right fit for you, and all Relx pods undergo strict quality control to ensure your health is protected.

Our favourite Relx flavour is Forest Gems – a blend of ripe strawberries, tangy raspberries and juicy blueberries with an icy cool kick. It’s an extremely refreshing summer vape, especially for smokers who’ve been missing their familiar tobacco taste. Of course, all RELX pods have a tobacco option too – it’s called Classic Tobacco and has an extremely realistic taste.

Other interesting RELX pods include Green Mango – a very authentic tasting mango flavour that’s surprisingly different to the usual sorbet style flavours we find. Another is Dark Sparkle, which tastes like a fresh glass of soda with a minty finish. Relx pod

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